National Badminton Training Center  

Location: GuangZhou

Project Name: National Badminton Training Center Lighting Upgrade

Replace 200pcs 200W LED Highbay Lights

Current Av lux: 180lx

Lux required: 500lx

Height: 12m

Product Used: ONOR-FL-150W

Average illuminance: 650lux

Uniformity 0.90

Dramatically reduce UGR

Client is quite happy with the result

 Reference Video 

Playing badminton is one of the favorite sports of the broad masses of the Chinese people. “Going and playing” has become one of the main forms of exercise. In addition to national professional events and venues, more and more badminton halls appear in residential areas and office workplaces to meet the people’s longing for a better life, but when we enter the arena, we are ready for a big fight. At that time, looking up at the ball, “shaking eyes”, can not determine the ball’s landing point, affecting the ball skills, but also affects the comfort of the sport.

Choosing the right luminaire – has become the most common problem and trouble in the operation and construction of badminton venues.


1. What kind of lighting should I choose for the badminton court?

2, so many lights on the market, which kind of lamp should be better?

Today, Wanye is here to share several lamps that are commonly used in badminton hall lighting.

(1) Badminton court row lights. As one of the common early lighting fixtures of the badminton hall, the row lamp is economical and easy to install. It is a collection of rows of tubes (fluorescent lamps or LED tubes). The light source is close to the surface light source, which is also low glare. The main reason is that the installation height is about 2-4 meters. The biggest advantage of the row lamp is that it can solve the problem of glare under the premise of sufficient economy, but the disadvantage is also obvious. The brightness can only be maintained at about 200LX, which can not meet the higher level. The requirements of the event, followed by insufficient lighting at high altitude. Therefore, it is difficult to see the lights in the professional arena.

(2) Metal halide lamps. Metal halide lamps have been used as old brands for a long time. They are used as lighting fixtures for badminton halls. They are also used for a long time. Features: slow start, low light efficiency, poor indication, like starting from start to full light, it takes fifteen minutes to start The time is extremely slow. The market is very common, the price is very close to the people, in the absence of other lamps to choose from, it is quite competitive, but the same is the gold halide, the gap is also very large, from hundreds to tens of thousands of simultaneous existence, Today, I will talk about the selection of lights in the badminton court. With the advent of new LEDs and high-hanging fluorescent lights, you can kill metal halide lamps in badminton court lights.

After all, the dissatisfaction of the lighting effect of badminton lamps directly delays the operation time of the stadium, and also causes dissatisfaction among customers, resulting in the loss of customer members, direct reduction of operating profit and damage to brand image.

(3) Stadium LED lights. LED lamps are point light source illumination mode, the biggest feature is high light efficiency and energy saving, but the biggest problem is glare and light decay. The early LED light distribution is relatively rough, and the design is relatively unreasonable. Now with the application deep, Wanye LED stadium lights combined with big data, the light distribution is specially designed for the properties of the stadium. At the same time, the lens glass of the lamp can be covered with a matte mask, and an anti-glare cover can be installed. The glare GR value can be controlled at around 15, and then the light decays. Room measurement, Wanye LED stadium lights 10,000 hours of light decay can be less than 12%, reaching the industry’s leading level.

Ordinary LED light

Professional LED lights

(4) High hanging fluorescent lamp series. It has been famous for many years. It has been overseas for many years. The badminton court light Ph.D was born. With the domestic consumption upgrade, the Expo will be held successfully. I believe that flying into the ordinary people’s home is just around the corner. Not much to say, feel the badminton light directly.

High hanging fluorescent lamp

Regarding the detailed performance of this luminaire, as well as the national standard requirements for badminton court lighting, we will talk about it next time (when the time is short, the time is up, haha).

In summary, for the choice of badminton venue lighting, whether it is a new construction or renovation site, if the lighting requirements are relatively high (it seems to be nonsense, now the players who play the ball can be higher), the preferred LED sports lights and Highly suspended fluorescent lighting. PS, we are very professional!