Lighting renovation for 2019 WTA Guangzhou Open Championship. In July 2019, we completed the replacement of all indoor and outdoor tennis court lamps in Guangzhou Sports Center. The original 1000W Philips halogen lamp was replaced with our 300W super bright LED lamp, which not only greatly increased the illumination by 60%, but also greatly improved the uniformity and softness of the overall light. Provided a solid lighting guarantee for the upcoming WTA finals in September. After visiting the night light show, the leaders of the sports center spoke highly of our lightwing LED stadium lights that reached the international advanced level.

 300W LED tennis sports floodlight 
Beam angle: 60deg
CCT: 5700K
Zigbee Wireless Dimming Control
Quantity: 140pcs
Replace 1000W Philips halogen lamps
Average illuminance: 1500lux
Uniformity: 0.90
Location: Guangzhou Tian He Sports Center

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 Project challenges 

  1. The stadium had an aged 2000 W MH light that was showing heavy depreciation, making it less than ideal for a world-class tournament.
  2. The small installation arm only allows 1 point tightening.

 WTA lighting standards based on ITF requirements 

  • According to the WTA, lighting must be evenly distributed across all court areas and have a recommended minimum intensity of 1076 LUX (i.e. equivalent to 100 foot candles placed on the court), based on an average of more than 15 on court readings.
  • For optimal HDTV broadcast, the standards are even higher, with the recommended illumination of at least 2,000 lux (that is, equivalent to 185 foot candles placed on the pitch). Additionally, the light must be distributed across the court to create a consistent color temperature so broadcast audiences can enjoy the action in exceptional clarity, day or night.
  • High / Low Ratio: To meet the required standards of a world-class tournament such as the WTA Tour, the ratio between the highest and lowest lighting readings should not exceed 1 × 2.0, with the ratio being most desired is 1 × 1.5.

Following the success of the WTA in 2019, the Tianhe Tennis Court has decided to replace the remaining eight courts with Onor Lighting. "Onor's Lighting is as good as Musco's with lower glare, which is a huge price advantage," said the stadium's director