We are honored to be selected as the LED lighting supplier by the Indonesian Organizing Committee of the 2018 Asian Games. Our MaxPro series stadium lights are installed in baseball stadiums, BMX stadiums, basketball halls, badminton halls. Among them, 121pcs 960W LED floodlights are used in baseball stadiums. The height of the light pole is 20 meters, the average illumination is 1000lux, and the uniformity is 0.8. With extremely low glare value and light overflow, high-quality television transmission is guaranteed.

 2018 Asian Games 

 Baseball Stadium Lighting Section 

 150pcs 960W MaxPro LED sports floodlight 

 Beam angle 30° 

 CCT 5700K 

 The excellent heat dissipation and 150lm/w high efficiency and ultra low GR value 

 Average Illuminance: 1200lux