•  800W LED Lights for Football Fields
  •  800W LED Lights for Football Fields
  •  800W LED Lights for Football Fields
  •  800W LED Lights for Football Fields
800W LED Lights for Football Fields  800W LED Lights for Football Fields  800W LED Lights for Football Fields  800W LED Lights for Football Fields

Product Introduction

 800W LED Lights for Football Fields

Product Introduction

The 800W  Lights are  multifunctional and innovative floodlight manufactured for better illumination. This aerodynamic profile is manufactured using marine quality aluminum. It makes the light low maintenance, durable, and long-lasting. Since the luminaire is made from high-quality materials, it is perfect for harsh environments.

This offer exceptional lighting performance standards along with a wide range of control options. The modules of the light are vertical 45 degrees with an obstructive light barrier. It helps in decreasing the visibility of 800W Football Field Lights from outside the area. In addition, the luminaire has low glare with minimum overspill.

When it comes to installation, it is extremely easy and simple. LightWing has a flexible design that is suitable for all types of applications. It is perfect for installing in a broad range of places like airports, stadiums, outdoor sports area, multi-sport halls, harbor-wharf, swimming pools, and industrial areas. The 800W LED football fields enables retrofitting to already installed or new light poles without any trouble.

Product Specifications

Model NO. LW-200 LW-400 LW-600 LW-800 LW-1200 LW-1600
System Power (watt) 200 400 600 800 1200 1600
Replace (MH/HID) 400W± 900W± 1500W± 2000W± 2500W± 3500W±
Lighting Efficiency
Delivered Lumen (LM) 32,000lm
Input Voltage (V) AC90-305V, AC347-480V
Power Factor 0.98
Color Temperature (Kelvin) 3500K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K, 6500K
Beam Angles 10°, 30°, 60°, 90°, 80*150°, Asy P45 30*110°, Asy P60 30*90°
CRI 74/80/92
Net Weight (with drivers) 5.0Kg


14.0kg (Pro)


9.0kg ( Pro)





Net Weight (without drivers)


12.0kg (Pro)


15.0kg (Pro)





EPA/Wind Area (m²) 0.028


0.03 (Pro)


0.093 (Pro)


0.13 (Pro)


0.21 (Pro)


Operating Temp (℃) -40℃ ~ +55
Surge Protection Device 20KV
Ingress Protection IP67
Housing Color RAL9007, Black, White
Hardware Materials AISI304 for bracket,screws,fasteners, gasket(AISI316 for harsh environment) Aluminum for driver box, visor, AISI304 for wire guard
Electrical Insulation Class I
Dimming Control (optional) Switch,Zigbee Wireless,Dali,DMX
Surface Treatment
Gavanizing for brackets,visor,cover,Sand-blasting for aluminum parts,Akzo Nobel Powder Coating for All
Expected Life Span (hrs)
>100,000 hrs.
10-Years on the LEDs, 7-Years on the Driver; Complete Warranty @ www.onorlighting.com

Product Features

Seeing the best you can be

An innovative indoor Soccer Light field designed for highmast multifunctional lighting applications, supporting HD TV broadcasting standards for illumination of all sports. 

The lightwing is an aerodynamic profile made from marine grade aluminum for long life, low maintenance demands.                                 


Its unique design is the first dynamic profile which allows for retrofitting to most existing lighting columns due to its low weight and low windage characteristics.

With high lighting performance standards plus an array of control 
options, the lightwing is the ideal solution for Sports arenas, Airports, 400W Soccer Field Ports and Industrial environments.

Aerodynamics Matter

The design of the lighting column is dependant on the weight and profile of the luminarie. 

The safty of columns in high winds and harsh weather environments is critical in any applications. 

Upgrading to LED luminaries requires new considerations beyond energy savings and lux levels, it is never a simple swap out.

However, replacing your lighting with luminaries of less weight and a smaller windage area than existing luminaries is a starting point.

What is lightwing?

Inspired by the aerodynamic design of aircraft to allow for the smooth flow of air over its lightweight aluminium profile, delivering high performance illumination effortlessly.

The innovative design concept of this lightwing floodlight
takes the performance of asysmetric floodlight to the next
level by combination with on-pitch performance with the
control of obtrusive light.

lightwing's modules are 45° to vertical, with the front
face providing an anti obtrusive light barrier.
This barrier dramatically reduces the visibility of the led
light source from outside the area of play

Besides, lightwing’s bracket arms is 90° movable
from X-bar to meet the illumination requirement of
the central light area when the high mast is far
away from the playground.


- High quality of light output
- Efficient performance delivery
- Lower energy costs and reduced carbon emissions
- Long life with minimal maintenance costs
- Advanced control options of each luminarie
- Suitable for new or most existing masts/columns.
- Made for the harshest environments
- Low glare with minimal overspill
- Bespoke version available

- Lumileds LED
- Up to 160lm/w
- High control rendering with up to 92 CRI
- Instant start or gradual start option
- Aerodynamic profile with low windage figures
- Easy to install and focus
- Flexible design to suit all applications


What are the advantages of lightwing?

Currently up to 1500W of power easily replaces any conventional MH/HID lamps used in existing stadiums. 

A retrofit which minimises any additional infrastructural costs to upgrade

150W-1200W LED VS 500W-2500W MH/HID

800W-1500W for new built stadiums

98% transparency 3mm extra clear high toughened glass. 

Real UV resistance and anti-corrosion even in extreme harsh environment. 

The robust protection for lens and easy for cleaning away dust.

Double anti-glare

Our patent custom-engineered precise optical lens with controlled intensity and uniformity delivers super comfortable light with ultra-low glare value. 

                               Unique glare control grid upon the lens and aluminum visor over the head of luminaire can dramatically reduce glare again.


Thermoelectric separation design ensure betterheat dissipation and longer lifetime for the driver and LED module.

Remote drivers can be located up to 100m away from luminaire.

Housing body and heatsink are forged from high purity aluminium which makes lightwing lighter and smaller. Which both improves installation safety and reduces maintenance

Akzo Nobel powder coating finish guarantees the best anti corrosive finish for up to 25 years

Heatsinks specifically designed for effective vertical air convection with a broad heat radiation surface area. Ensuring a lifespan up to 100,000hrs

The ultra low windage profile delivers excellent passive cooling

Aiming Focusing System

Contractors can now install the lighting during the day and be confident they can meet the lighting design specification with pin point accuracy

Allows for accurate repositioning should lights need to be repositioned at a later date

Aluminum rear cover can fully protect the modules from direct rain and prevent damage from bird nesting and dropping's corrosion

Self-developed 20KV surge protector as standard equipped. Double assurance safety and super longer lifespan

IP68 plug and play connectors for all wirings. Easy maintenance and safer

Intelligent Dimming Control System

Dimensions and Drawing

Please contact sales for details

The Project We Have Done

Production and Packaging

Real Installation Pictures from Clients

Factory Show

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